The eclectic balance between freedom and good taste

How to decorate the house with eclectic style

“Eklektekòs”, or eclectic, is a word that derives from Greek, whose meaning is “choosing”, “selecting”. This term perfectly combines with the new frontiers of interior design which are always prone to create modern and innovative solutions and have made eclecticism the watchword for this kind of design. So, how to decorate the house with eclectic style?

If minimalism is not emotional enough for its excessive simplicity and shabby chic  is not suitable for each space, this style is the right compromise. Actually, learning how to decorate the house with eclectic style is really simple: freedom and good taste are the two main features without stumbling upon oddities and exaggerated creative flair.

First of all, you should start from delicate shades so as not to burden the rooms, such as white,  powder pink, beige and pale yellow. For the living area, it is enough to insert paintings of every shape and size, important frames that can be matched with each other, big carpets with oriental patterns or clear geometries, ceiling lamps retrieved from the past, short small tables with ornamental finishes and the inevitable soft and coloured pillows. The same abundance of elements should occupy the kitchen, where shelves and sideboards work just as point of support to show antique plates, crystal glasses and high-quality ceramic jars. In the bedroom, the most successful accessories are wall mirrors, chandeliers, pouffes with fabrics of great impact, spectacular paintings with important frames.

PVC Line 8605 by Profilpas

To complete each “eclectic” decoration with a further touch of definition, Profilpas suggests using PVC Line, the line of PVC skirting boards for meeting every technical and chromatic requirement.

How to decorate the house with eclectic style - PVC Line 8605 in foam PVC

PVC Line 8605 in foam PVC covered with Alcrom® Plus

Among the wide selection, there is PVC Line 8605: a skirting board in foam PVC, covered with PDS film available in 73 decors. Moreover, it is customizable with any decor or texture on the basis of a sample provided by the customer thanks to the digital printing technology PDS. So, how to decorate the house with eclectic style? Starting from the skirting boards designed by Profilpas.

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