How to decorate kitchen wall tiles

How to decorate kitchen wall tiles

Many people often want to give a new aspect to the kitchen and they do it through different solutions: from the replacement of tiles, together with the installation of decorative listellos, to their decoration. Before deciding how to decorate the kitchen wall tiles, it is important to consider your needs carefully and find the best solution for your house.

There are many interesting solutions to decorate the kitchen wall tiles on the market. An example are the melamine or laminate panels: these are characterized by a reduced thickness and a really easy installation and, therefore, they are a perfect expedient to cover the tiles. A similar and non-invasive solution are also the adhesive tiles in PVC.

Resin is also a good option to cover tiles and to keep the best quality-price ratio. This material is ideal for kitchens and, once applied on the old tiles, it “refreshes” the room immediately. Available in many colours, the resin should be laid by an expert in order to guarantee an excellent aesthetic result.

How to decorate kitchen wall tiles and use the decorative listellos by Profilpas

…but how to decorate kitchen wall tiles to renovate the look of the room completely? Profilpas offers a line of decorative listellos to be matched with the wall tiles and to be installed before the laying. Indeed, it is important to remember that if you want to embellish the wall tiles with the decorative listellos, you have to think about it before proceeding with the laying of the same tiles.

These decorative listellos give a touch of light and elegance to the room by making it completely renewed according to the style you prefer most. Available in different materials and finishes, the listellos are also perfect for the most complicated needs and tastes. The line of decorative listellos is available in many different finishes that perfectly match with limitless aesthetic combinations and various architectural tastes, from the classic to the modern ones. Moreover, they can be installed in all the rooms with tile coverings: from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the halls to the big commercial spaces.

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How to decorate kitchen wall tiles - Prolist LDS20

Prolist LDS/20 in bright satin silver aluminium

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