How to decorate home with paintings

How to decorate home with paintings

What makes a home cozy is the atmosphere. Everyone contributes to its creation with a series of elements and details which give personality to it. The paintings, hung on the rooms walls, can say a lot about who lives in there and about personal tastes but, as they are also a decorative element, their choice requires a specific attention. Therefore, here are some advice on how to decorate home with paintings.

Each room can be enriched through one or more paintings and frames. When hung, these objects can give style and elegance to big and also small houses. Furthermore, they are easy to remove or simply to move in order to give the rooms an always new look.

There are no precise rules about how to decorate home with paintings. Using those with lively prints and colours is a perfect choice for shared places, such as the kitchen and the living room. On the contrary, in the bedrooms, soft colours and sober and calming drawings are suggested. Even the bathroom, if decorated with a frame, gains a more chic look. Another idea to consider is hanging paintings of the favourite artists on the wall.

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Highlight the frames with Prolight Iceberg

How to decorate home with paintings - Prolight Iceberg

Prolight Iceberg

It is often easy to highlight the character of a room and what is in it. To decide how to decorate home with paintings, there is the need to consider an important factor. Indeed, a correct lighting has a great aesthetic impact not only in public places, but also in private ones. Used to highlight paintings and frames, light can recreate the same feelings that you can try in front of the works of a museum.

To create this effect there is the possibility to use LED lights, such as Prolight Iceberg.  Created by Profilpas, this skirting board in anodised aluminium is characterized by light points that, connected to a dimmer and a sensor to adjust light intensity, become real design elements.

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