The staircase, an architectural element to enhance

How to decorate a staircase

The staircase is a real added value inside the house, an architectural element that enhance the space: for this reason, interior designers love embellishing them with original and innovative ideas. But how to decorate a staircase? Here is a series of proposals that everyone can follow without being expert architects.

First of all, if you want to understand how to decorate a staircase, you need to know how and where you want to embellish it. These are structures that are already important by themselves and, for this reason, you need to find the right balance in the choice of the decorations.

In this regard, one of the most simple but most impactful strategies is enriching the side wall of the stairs with mirrors of different dimensions. Through a play of lights and reflections, the space will seem bigger and will donate an almost surreal atmosphere to the room. In addition to the mirrors, you can also think about contemporary or classic paintings: this solution will reproduce the elegant and refined style of an art gallery.

How to decorate a staircase

A touch of class is also given by the banister: sometimes underestimated, if you install a glass banister, it will give a delicate elegance to the structure. Moreover, if the steps are in light wood and the wall is white, it will be still more luminous.

This does not mean that the staircase should be decorate just “on the surface”: the under-stair area can be widely used too. For example, you can put wine racks under the steps for a practical but, at the same time, spectacular idea.

How to decorate a staircase

The line of skirting boards Metal Line 89

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How to decorate a staircase - Metal Line 89

Metal Line 89

So, how to decorate a staircase? To enhance this often indispensable structure, we suggest the line of skirting boards Metal Line 89: these elements are not only extremely functional, but also have a contemporary design that makes them easily applicable in every type of interior. Fixed on the wall through the use of specific adhesives, in addition to have a decorative function, these elements cover the perimetral area perfectly.

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