A contemporary and state-of-the-art loft

A space to be recreated

Those who have the possibility of owning a disused industrial or commercial space cannot let it escape. The instinct to refurbish it and make it a everyday house can become uncontrollable. The wide rooms and the essential furniture stimulate the imagination and the creativity for creating a loft. However, the question arises spontaneously: how to decorate a loft, by taking full advantage of all the preexisting elements?

How to decorate a loft

The great advantage of these structures is that of having wide surface areas available, both in width and in height. What makes the difference in an open space is the combination of materials and furniture. Wood, metal and glass create a perfect mix between tradition and innovation.

How to decorate a loft

When you have to choose how to decorate a loft, the choice of the style is very important. For a contemporary atmosphere, it would be perfect to take advantage of the wide spaces without creating partition walls among the rooms. The space for the kitchen is highlighted by rigorous geometrical lines and, if you do not want to give up a divider, you can opt for a glass doors that do not limit the spacial sight.

The living area can become extremely comfortable by putting big sofas and extra-large poufs. Furthermore, using white and grey for the walls can give a feeling of wider space.

How to decorate a loft

Deciding how to decorate a loft is not easy, but what is certain is that the presence of high ceilings inevitably facilitates the creation of a mezzanine. The staircase for going upstairs can give the space a theatrical look, but it must be designed by following the same line of the chosen style.

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A spectacular staircase

How to decorate a loft

A staircase must combine beauty with practicality. Therefore, to make the entrance more spectacular without giving up the utilitarian aspects, Profilpas offers Prolight Prostep G/8/SF e SGA/11L, two models of stair nosing profiles in anodised aluminium that increase the design and, at the same time, make the space safe.

How to decorate a loft - Prostep SGA/11L

Prostep SGA/11L

With Prostep, the LED light softly spreads downwards, thus creating suggestive perspectives that give the staircase a unique and elegant look.

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