Decorating a curved wall with a touch of originality

How to decorate a curved wall

If you are looking for a touch of originality for your new house, the perfect solution could be the creation of a curved wall: this element is considered extravagant by some people, but the world of designers has crowned it as one of the most popular architectural trends of the moment. Indeed, a curved wall creates fluidity and, at the same time, gives an incredible touch of style to the whole room. Of course, it is impossible to hang shelves and paintings or to put furniture close to it: so, how to decorate a curved wall?

The first solution to the dilemma of how to decorate a curved wall is the simple choice of the colour: you can create a unique and modern space just by opting for a bright shade (intense red or green) which strongly contrasts with the other surfaces. Even big transfers have a strong visual impact, both with unique images and with small series of motifs.

If you prefer to create a more luminous space, you can insert glass items which give light to the room with the curved wall. If the latter is in a bathroom, you can choose a modern mosaic with iridescent glass tiles: a classic and, at the same time, contemporary touch.

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A perfect skirting board for curved walls

How to decorate a curved wall - Metal Line 90FX

Metal Line 90FX

So, how to decorate a curved wall? Profilpas, always in line with the latest trends of design, has created a skirting board which perfectly adapts to round shapes.

The skirting board Metal Line 90FX is the perfect solution for curved walls and is available in silver anodised aluminium and with inside and outside corners. Thanks to this element, Profilpas exclusive design meets functionality with an elegant and top-quality compromise for decorating curved surfaces with taste.

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