How to decorate a column and embellish the room

How to decorate a column with style

Among the most common architectural elements inside a house, especially in the most ancient ones, there are columns. Their presence is often essential for the house’s structure, but it also determines the aesthetic style of the room, thus becoming a limit in the choice of furnishings. However, do not despair, the solutions to decorate a column are different.

So, how to decorate a column? One of the most common ideas is to cover this architectural element with mirrors so it can deflect light, camouflaging with the surrounding space.
Otherwise you can transform the column into something more functional: for example, it can be used as partition between the kitchen and the dining room, thus creating a wall with a TV and a small green corner with plants, or it can become the main support of a handy bookcase. You may even find enough space for a fireplace, around which there is the living area.

But never underestimate the easiest choice: you can paint the column in a different colour from the other walls, thus changing the aesthetic appearance of the whole room and giving a touch of design to your house.

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How to decorate a column - Metal Line 90FX

Metal Line 90FX

How to decorate a column with Profilpas

If you decide to decorate a column, you shouldn’t ignore details. Profilpas has designed a line of bendable skirting boards Metal Line, an innovative line of skirting boards characterized by great versatility, functionality and a special attention to contemporary design.
The bendable skirting boards can be modeled by Proflex Machine, a machine that has been specifically designed to curve them. In this case, the perfect skirting board to decorate a column is Metal Line 90FX in silver anodised aluminium, an element with great elegance to give a further touch of style to the space.

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