Our advice on how to cut skirting boards without imperfections

How to cut skirting boards

Those who want to install the skirting board inside their house must be ready to face the problems that can arise during the installation. Indeed, these elements are sometimes too long and need to be shortened. Luckily, this is a quite simple operation that can be also carried out by an inexpert person. So, how to cut skirting boards?

First of all, you have to measure the length of the wall side where you want to install the skirting board. You just need a simple measuring tape. What is important is precision: even ignoring few millimeters could compromise the final result. After that, you have to mark the measures on the element and, then, proceed with the cut with the help of a cut-off machine.

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After learning how to cut skirting boards, you have to finish it, especially in the corners. You have to smooth the cut parts with sandpaper in order to make them fit perfectly by eliminating some possible imperfections.

The last phase is the installation of the skirting board on the wall: you just need to connect the different parts by using adhesive or, if required, nails. Then, you should proceed with the last adjustments and the removal of the excess material for a workmanlike installation.

The customizable skirting board 8605

So we have learnt how to cut skirting boards, important elements to furnish the interiors. For this reason, it is important to choose high-quality and versatile models to meet every request.

How to cut skirting boards - PVC Line 8605

PVC Line 8605

Profilpas has created a line of PVC skirting boards which can meet every requirement by paying attention also to the aesthetic appearance. An example is the model PVC Line 8605,  a skirting board in foam PVC, covered with PDS film. In addition to the 73 available decors, these skirting boards are customizable according to your wishes.

Thanks to their features, the skirting boards 8605 are perfect both for professional and DIY works. Indeed, these elements can be fixed on the wall with nail or adhesive. The maximum quality is always guaranteed: they do not absorb water, do not contain formaldehyde and are particularly resistant.

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