The study corner you’ve always dreamed of in your living room

Why create a study corner in your living room?

Nowadays, working at home is a consolidated reality, as well as a model that is increasingly popular both in multinationals and in small and medium-sized enterprises. Not only freelances, but also employees and collaborators have now the possibility to work comfortably from home.

Hence, the need to cut out an area to be dedicated to smart working. The living room is suitable for this purpose, since it is usually the most luminous and spacious room. Therefore, how to create a study corner in the living room is the topic of this article that is also addressed to those who wish to create an area to be dedicate to the reading.

One step at a time

To better arrange this space, the first step is considering the purposes for which it is created. According to the individual needs, you can draw up an action plan, that will include the total or partial refurbishment of the space and the style to choose for the furniture. If the area in question, once ready, will host customers or collaborators, it will have to be designed in a different way from an private place, as can be an island of books.

Whatever is the functionality, knowing how to create a study corner in the living room means identifying the right work “mates”, such as a good chair or sofa, drawers and shelves where putting volumes and documents and a suitable source of lighting. Morever, a desk cannot miss in a study corner.

During the design phase, it is important to remember to arrange the sockets in order to power the devices, such as a computer, a tablet or a printer.

Style matters

Another factor to consider in a study corner in the living room is the style, that must harmonize with the preexisting room as much as possible, unless you want to revolutionize it too.

For an excellent result, the suggestion is to opt for one of the two ways: adapting the furniture to the one already chosen for the living room or renovating it completely but still maintaining a coherent reference to the context of the house.

As you can notice, if the first phase to create a study corner in the living room is organizational-structural, the second phase is fully aesthetical. To combine the two points and avoiding distractions, it is good not to overdo creativity. It is better to opt for light and luminous colours and limiting the decorations to a few selected elements, such as vases or design objects. Ample space is granted to vegetation: indeed, plants not only are decorative elements, but also leave oxygen that helps the brain to perform every activity at its best.

Profilpas solutions

In addition to furniture, there is another element which can express the personality of the study corner: these are the profiles, that highlight the connection between the wall and the floor and design the shape of the space. For this reason, Profilpas has designed customized solutions for every need, considering that contextualizing the study corner with the rest of the space makes the difference.

For modern living rooms

Metal Line 89 Trend Color Stone black ST

Metal Line 89 Trend Color Stone black ST

If the living room has a modern style, the most suitable skirting board is Metal Line 89 in the finishes Trend Color Stone white ST and black ST. Their added value is that of having a clean and defined line. These new finishes have been designed to make the skirting boards Metal Line 89 more refined: the elegant matt colours perfectly combine with the modern coverings, giving personality to each context. In addition to the latest news, there are other finishes in line with the most recent colour trends.

For shabby chic spaces

PVC Line 8613 white

PVC Line 8613 white

If the living room is in shabby chic style, where relaxing colours such as white, light blue and pale pink are prevailing, the perfect solution is the white skirting board PVC Line 8613. This element is 80 mm high and really easy to install: it can be fixed to the wall with adhesive or fixing clip 8608/C. The thickness of 15 mm makes it particularly suitable for wooden floors.

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