Cleanliness and minimalist design for the shower of your dreams

The furniture and design trends that dominate 2018 have also changed the bathroom, which is no longer considered just a service room, but is the place par excellence to be used for relaxation and self-care. Who does not benefit from hot regenerating showers or long baths with some music and a book? However, for keeping the relationship with the bathroom idyllic,  it is essential to clean it in a rigorous and punctual manner. In particular, a challenge that is not always simple is how to clean the shower.

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Many people wonder how to clean the shower to get perfect results quickly and, above all, a clean and hygienic space. Since the formation of limescale, unpleasant substances and traces of mould is always lurking, every detail requires the utmost attention from the shower box glasses to the flooring.

Among the most effective do-it-yourself expedients to avoid these unpleasant inconvenience is a mixture of water and white vinegar to be sprayed on the shower walls after each use. In this mixture, suitable for both glass and plastic walls, the vinegar acts as descaler, preventing the formation of unsightly stains.

How to clean the shower - Sanibord BP/20

Sanibord BP/20 in white antimould coextruded PVC

The tricks on how to clean the shower can help, but the truth is that the bathroom fixtures  are often dated and ill adapt to daily hygiene needs. Renewing the shower is not only an aesthetic choice, because firstly it facilitates cleaning from all points of view. Sanibord by Profilpas is the ideal solution to make this task easier and more effective: these are technical profiles in colour-coated aluminum or PVC for the connection between ceramic coverings and bathroom fixtures that facilitate the cleaning of the corners, thus ensuring an adequate level of hygiene. To meet every need, Profilpas offers the antibacterial colour-coated aluminum version and models to be installed both before and after the laying.

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