From wood to terracotta: the new kinds of floor to decorate a garden

How to choose the outdoor flooring

During the building or refurbishment project, people usually think more about the interior floors and less about those for the outside. Actually, the latter should not be underestimated: indeed, you can make your home well-finished just by giving them the right importance. Nowadays there are materials that create pleasant aesthetic results and beautiful finishing: but how to choose the outdoor flooring? Let’s have a look to the best advice in this article.

When we think about how to choose the outside flooring, we must be sure that the materials are waterproof, non-slip, resistant to temperature fluctuations, stains and mould. In the case of a small-sized garden, the choice is varied and there are many interesting style solutions. In this case, the most refined material is wood that can be used in blocks or squares in order to create floors in harmony with the surrounding nature. Suitable for the base of a gazebo or to cover the borders of swimming pools, wood can create comfortable and easy-to-walk paths.

Furthermore, for the garden, you can choose a natural flooring made with stones. They offer many solutions to take into consideration, both in granular version and in large-sizes blocks. Among the different proposals of flooring for gardens, there are the stone slabs sunk in the ground. A third option is terracotta: given its particular features of resistance and beauty, this material is widely used for the outside coverings, guaranteeing an excellent aesthetic value and, at the same time, a high level of hardness and durability over time.

Profilpas profiles protect the finishes

Once you have chosen the ideal outside flooring, you need to think about details. For this reason, Profilpas has designed exclusive and efficient profiles to guarantee excellent finishes. In particular, Protec CPEV/ in colour-coated aluminium and CPEI/ in stainless steel are two perimetral profiles whose special section makes them suitable for the protection of sidewalks or steps edges, as it hides the junction between the tread and the riser.

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How to choose the outdoor flooring - Protec CPEV/45

Protec CPEV/45

How to choose di outdoor flooring - Protec CPHA

Protec CPHA

However, Profilpas always offers a rich and diversified range of solutions. In particular, for these requirements, there is also Protec CPHA, a perimetral profile in anodised aluminium that allows to edge the ceramic tiles and to protect the border. There is also the version Protec CPHV in ash grey colour-coated aluminium.

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