The restyling of the masonry kitchen with a touch of design

How to build an indoor masonry kitchen

The kitchen is the soul of the house. Indeed, this is the only place where all the members of the family gather together to share some moments of conviviality. For this reason, it is important that the room reflects this atmosphere of warmth and hospitality through its design: in this regard, among the new furnishings trends, there are the masonry kitchens that can combine the country style with the romantic one, by giving space to materials such as wood and stone or focusing on tiles. But how to build an indoor masonry kitchen? In this article we are going to analyse the main phases for creating a space with strong emotional impact.

First of all, you have to think about the structure: this is a complex procedure that must start from the project – elaborated by considering the room dimensions – until the construction of walls and worktops. After that, you have to proceed with the insertion of the other elements of the kitchen, such as the hood, the oven and the worktop covering.

When thinking of how to build an indoor masonry kitchen, it is important to consider the sizes of the tiles that can be 10, 15 or 20 cm. Moreover, the depth of the worktop must be a multiple of the chosen tile: in this way you can avoid the cut. The most used tiles are those in ceramic that are characterized by a great practicality both for the laying and the ordinary cleaning. Moreover, they are easily combinable and are present with many shapes and colours on the market: just put them as surface covering for a workmanlike result. Thanks to the different styles and colours, the ceramic tiles are perfect to adapt to each solution, both in a classic or country kitchen and in a modern and clear space.

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Profilpas details for a perfect indoor masonry kitchen

So, how to build an indoor masonry kitchen with class and elegance? There are some details you cannot miss to finish the whole structure with style. Profilpas is able to offer a solution to every interior design project in order to add value to it. For this reason, we propose three lines of profiles: Cerfix® Proangle Q, Protop and Proangle F.

How to build an indoor masonry kitchen - Trend Color Stone

Trend Color Stone

Proangle Q is a line of universal profiles specifically studied to edge and protect the external corners of tile coverings. The square shape hides the unaesthetic and fragile cut at 45 degrees of tiles perfectly, thus defining the laying of the coverings in a clear and uniform way. Proangle Q is available in the special finishes Trend Color Stone, neutral but at the same time warm and soft tones that are perfect for an indoor masonry kitchen.

For the protection and the finishing of the external corners of tiled worktops, Profilpas offers Protop, an aluminium profile that give a touch of modernity to your kitchen.

How to build an indoor masonry kitchen - TOP/A/10 silver anodised aluminium

TOP/A/10 silver anodised aluminium

Lastly, for the finishing of the internal corners of your masonry kitchen, Profilpas has created Proangle FMI/ in stainless steel which is a perfect connection profile for the most convivial room of the house.

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