How to build a stylish bookcase with plywood and LED strips

How to build a bookcase in plywood

A bookcase is a good solution if you own many books, magazines, movies, CDs, vases or ornaments, or simply if you wish to furnish an empty wall. There are many available models that differ in colours and materials, but a standard wooden shelving can be created on your own even if you are not an expert on the DIY. Here’s a short but thorough guide that explains how to build a bookcase in plywood by guiding even the less experts step by step.

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So, how to build a bookcase in plywood? First of all, you should measure the space where you want to place it, calculate the number of shelves and consider a depth of 30 or 40 cm.

After that, you can buy the necessary materials, starting from plywood panels with wood veneer. We suggest choosing a 2-cm plywood for the structure and the shelves and a 0,5-cm piece for the bottom; in addition, you should buy wood screws, strong glue and any paints.

How to build a bookcase in plywood

Depending on how much you are experienced in the DIY, you can decide to buy a panel to be cut with circular saw and smoothed with sandpaper, or standard shelves that are already finished. In both cases, what is really necessary is great attention, care and precision.

Once you have defined the project and bought all the material, you just have to assemble the different pieces, by making sure that each junction is at right angles. Once you have finished, you just have to make the final adjustments: after having smoothed each surface and the corners, you can continue with the painting, coloured or transparent, in order to give a protective coating to the new bookcase. A light and uniform coat is enough.

How to build a bookcase in plywood

The final touch: the LED light profile Prolist CLA by Profilpas

If you want to make you bookcase unique, the LED strips are a good solutions to create trendy shelving. Their pleasant brightness will enhance both the environment and the objects.

Prolist CLA is a profile in anodised aluminium with LED lighting system that creates a thin bright line. Positioned on the inside corners or on the extremities of the shelving, it illuminates the shadowy areas by creating lighting points in the room.

How to build a bookcase in plywood - LED light profiles Prolight

LED light profiles Prolight

These profiles created by Profilpas are the result of a technological innovation that combines design and functionality with energy saving: the suffused lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere, while the LED lights last more than a classic lightbulb and guarantee an energy saving until 90%.

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