Luxury design as in a celebrity home with Profilpas decorative listellos

The most luxurious homes of Hollywood stars

Who would not want to live in a dream villa with a breathtaking view, fashionable interior design and perhaps as a neighbour of George Clooney? For those who are curious and would like to get some tips for decorating the home with refinement and taste, here are some examples of the most beautiful Hollywood celebrities homes.

Among the most famous Hollywood celebrities homes, we have to mention the shabby-style house of Jennifer Lawrence, star of “The Hunger Games”. Located in the middle of the green hills of Beverly Hills, her house has been designed by the American guru Rachel Ashweel and is characterized by refined but informal spaces, simple furnishings, light colours and large and luminous windows that overlook a pond full of koi carps.

On the contrary, the star of “Buffy”, Sarah Michelle Gellar, owns a villa with enviable furnishings. This is a real luxury house with a design that ranges from the country style tending to light and bright colours for the bedrooms to the contemporary and refined furnishings for the kitchen and the bathroom, all framed by wide windows that create a continuity between the inside and the outside. Conversely, Leonardo di Caprio owns a villa in Palm Springs, characterized by a minimal and chic luxury and an essential and practical design with so wide spaces that can also contain a real personal gym.

Refined design as in a celebrity home with the decorative listellos Prolist Design by Profilpas

These are just some of the most luxurious villas of Hollywood: different styles that are the mirror of the owners’ personality, but with a common element, that is the extreme attention to details. This is the same philosophy that Profilpas adopts for each line: products that are designed to decorate your house with taste and elegance.

To make an example, the range of decorative listellos Prolist Design gives a Hollywood touch to every interior. This range includes the listellos in chrome-plated stainless steel, Prolist S-Design in the finishes mirror, nickel, black nickel, copper bronze and brass bronze, together with the listellos in anodised aluminium Prolist X-Design in the finishes platinum, titanium, brown, dark brown and carbon. These finishes allow to create a wide selection of combinations and to reproduce a Hollywood-like style in your house.

Hollywood celebrities homes - Prolist S-Design and Prolist X-Design

Prolist S-Design in chrome-plated stainless steel: nickel, mirror, black nickel, brass bronze, copper bronze and Prolist X-Design in anodised aluminium: platinum, titanium, brown, dark brown, carbon

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