High or low skirting boards?

High or low skirting boards: aesthetic and functional differences

The skirting board is a finishing element that is available in many variations that are different for their material, shape and measure. However, apart from the numerous kinds that are for sale, the skirting board, both high and low, has many purposes: it protects the wall during the cleaning, covers the final part of the floor and finishes the space where the wall connects with the floor.

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Today we are going to talk about the difference between a high and a low skirting board: when should you choose the first and when the second? Which differences are there?

So, which parameters should you follow to choose a high or a low skirting board? It usually depends from the context. If you live in a house with very high ceilings, we suggest to use a 10cm-high skirting board. If you live in a modern house with low ceilings, it would be better to choose a small skirting board that is less eye-catching and more sober.

Moreover, a high skirting board has the advantage of finishing those small parts of the wall that are uncovered and visible and, in phase of refurbishment, it can cover possible signs of the previous skirting board. High skirting boards can also contain cables, thus hiding them from the sight: indeed, the use of high skirting boards is very useful for the placement of the wiring during the refurbishment.

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Conversely, a low skirting board is more suitable for rooms where furniture occupies most of the perimetral space: in this case, its purpose is filling the small visible parts of the wall. A low skirting board is certainly less invasive and very elegant, especially in minimalist spaces.

High or low skirting board: Profilpas solutions

Profilpas meets the needs of those who are hesitant about choosing a high or low skirting board with many solutions!

If you would like to choose a low skirting board, the Metal Line 89/4 is perfect: in aluminium and proposed in different finishing, it has a square shape, essential and non-invasive. With its height of 4cm, it delicately and elegantly outlines the space. This model is also available in the range Profilpas Design in anodised aluminium and in the different finishing platinum, titanium, dark brown and carbon.

High or Low Skirting Board - Metal Line 89/4

Metal Line 89/4

If you prefer to choose the higher versions, Profilpas offers the Metal Line 95/10 and 93/9. They are essential, practical and functional skirting boards, made of aluminium and respectively 10 and 9 cm high. The first one allows the housing of cables and is characterized by a simple and rapid installation system through the interlocking with natural aluminium supports that, fixed to the wall with screws and dowels, facilitate the maintenance. The second one is easy to install thanks to an interlocking system with natural aluminium or PVC supports, that are fixed to the wall through the use of screws and dowels.

High Skirting Board - Metal Line 95/10

Metal Line 95/10

There are also models that can cover all the heights. The skirting board Metal Line 90/, made of aluminium, is available in six different heights: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 cm. Thanks to the anchor flange, they guarantee a perfect covering of the perimetral area; this is a characteristic that satisfies the necessity of hiding the perimetral expansion gap of a floating floor.

High or Low Skirting Board - Metal Line 90

Metal Line 90

In the end, the Metal Line 790/ is a stainless steel skirting board that is available in different heights: 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10. It perfectly follows the modern minimalist design and furniture trends.

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