The high-class profiles designed by Profilpas

High-class profiles: the final touch in a classy place

The decorative profiles are one of the trends in vogue in the field of wall coverings which have increased in success more and more over the last years. The high-class profiles add value to already-classy places and give the room a final touch of refinement and exclusivity.

The high-class profiles are decorative listellos that elegantly link different materials. Moreover, they define room’s volumes and shapes, create captivating plays of lines and prove the attention for the house and for the details. So these elements are the added value that can change the look of a bathroom, living room, bedroom or of the lobby of a luxury hotel.

The High Class Profiles - C Design


Indeed, the use of high-class profiles is a winning selection both for private houses and for luxury accommodation facilities, such as hotels and restaurants, where the customer care is given by a top-class service as well as a stylish, cozy and refined space.

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Profilpas high-class profiles

For those customers who look for a touch of elegance and refinement, Profilpas has created the line of high-class profiles C-Design, embellished by the brightness of crystals from Swarovski®. The combination between the chromium-plated or gold-plated profile and the crystal gives every room a brilliant touch and a chic and irresistible allure.

Not surprisingly, for more than a century, Swarovski® has been synonym of light and elegance and enchants the world with its bright creations, thanks to the secret formula of its lead crystal and to the special cutting technique. That’s why C-Design is the natural accessory for coverings of classical and timeless rooms with high-quality materials and furniture.

The High Class Profiles - Swarovski

C-Design in ottone dorato 24 K

There are different versions: one in chromium-plated brass and one in 24K gold-plated brass, even without crystals for a more sober and essential effect.

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