The revolution of the hallway: an elegant and luminous room

A rich-of-personality passage point

When furnishing the house, you should not disregard the hallway. The hallway is not lived as all the other rooms, but it is frequently used to go from a place to another. Therefore, much better to give it a personality in line with your own idea of style. It is worth giving the space more light, instead of ignoring it, especially if it is small and closed. Here below you can find some hallway decorating ideas.

A unique space to be decorated

A minimalist and contemporary style is suitable both for wide spaces and narrower ones. In the first case, it gives the hallway a refined and elegant look, while in the second case it creates more space.

There are some ideas that, if adapted to the available surface, can be realized in every situation. Indeed, hanging some shelves to the wall or one or more artworks or prints are some nice and useful expedients for outlining the path. Indeed, not only does it make the space more comfortable and colourful, but it also gives the guests a taste of your own personal style.

When you are searching for some hallway decorating ideas, you can also think about occupying the space with vertical furniture, such as a shoe rack or a bookshelf, thus adding personality to the room. Another element not to underestimate is the addition of “green” decorations, with flowers and houseplants that can immediately give the space vitality and positive energy.

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A touch of light

One of the main problems when you have to decide between the different hallway decoration ideas is undoubtedly the absence of light sources. The more narrow the space is, the more dark it is.  Painting the walls in white can somehow influence the house light. However, even the accessories, such as the skirting board, can help.

Hallway decorating ideas - Prolight Metal Line 89/6

Prolight Metal Line 89/6

For creating a pleasant atmosphere even in the most narrow spaces, Profilpas has designed Prolight Metal Line 89/6, a model of skirting board in anodised aluminium with LED light. This element gives the space a scattered lighting, thanks to a diffuser placed along the whole profile.

Hallway decorating ideas - Prolight Metal Line 89/6

Prolight Metal Line 89/6

To further improve the performances of this line, you can insert a dimmer that allows you to adjust light intensity, thus making the skirting board a discreet night light, an essential element to light up the room and an elegant and suggestive accessory.

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