Elegant, functional and modern: here’s how to renovate the bathroom

Furnishing the bathroom with the shower

Furnishing is a real art, especially when you have to give the spaces a new atmosphere. For this reason, if you wish to renovate the bathroom, you also have to consider the details, that are the first to make the difference. Furnishing the bathroom with the shower needs the best attention to details: here’s how to do it.

Following the trends related to the world of showers, you can opt for a glass shower box, able to adapt to the different styles, materials and colours, or a shower box in iron, with inserts or full-wall glass slabs. The last solution works both in spaces where there are other references to iron and in spaces where the shower box is the only metal detail.

Furnishing the bathroom with the shower

A good alternative is furnishing the bathroom with a floor-level shower: the result will be more complete since the room will dress in contemporary elegance and modern efficiency. The reason? In addition to being extremely practical, this solutions is also very elegant. It has an excellent scenic impact both in large and in small bathrooms, because it increases the space visually thanks to an optical illusion guaranteed by the continuity of materials.

Furnishing the bathroom with the shower

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Glass Profile: the profiles for floor-level showers

Furnishing the bathroom with the shower - Glass Profile

Glass Profile

For furnishing the bathroom with the shower and making it efficient and modern, Profilpas offers Glass Profile. This is a line of stainless steel profiles for the creation of floor-level shower surfaces.

Glass Profile creates a coplanar surface characterized by a linear and contemporary design, by covering the difference in height of the surface with 2% slope. Furthermore, the use of the stainless steel guarantees an excellent duration over time and a high aesthetic and functional value of the product.

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