Furnishing profiles

Furnishing profiles: a stylish choice

Interior designers know it well: a light spot can immediately change the appearance of a room. But have you ever thought that light can come from a furnishing profile rather than from a classic chandelier or a bedside lamp?

Furnishing Profiles - Protevt Prolight 126 - L

Protect Prolight 126/L

Furnishing profiles are the right finishing for a classy and well-finished house. Indeed, they clearly define the lines of furniture and walls and perfectly complete every-room’s design.

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Furnishing profiles: the luminous ones are more impressive

Profilpas adds the magical effects of light to the elegance of furnishing profiles. These effects can be applied around a mirror or a bath tub in order to create a relaxing atmosphere or simply to increase the visibility on the hob or on the kitchen worktop. So there are thousand creative solutions that can be designed by using Profilpas luminous profiles.

Furnishing Profiles - Prostep Prolight G-8 LED

Prostep Prolight G/8 LED

Prolight profiles, for example, are available in double version: with direct or indirect light. The LED-technology integrated with the range of profiles on catalogue allows to customize every space. Available with warm or neutral light and dimmer, they are easy to install and they give the room the right lighting for each use, from wellness places to the work ones.

Furnishing Profiles - Protect Prolight G - 9

Protect Prolight G/9

The new proposals Prostep and Protect LED have been specifically designed for stairs: two lines of stair nosing profiles in anodised aluminium that highlight the attention to design and increase safety. Prostep is perfect for a private house to spread light down softly by creating original perspectives, while Protect meets the needs of public places such as club, cinemas, offices and boats thus making them cozy and elegant at the same time.

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