How to make a long and narrow balcony comfortable

Furnishing ideas and solutions for the outdoor spaces

During the summer season, you surely spend more time in the outdoor spaces, maybe to read a book or for a lunch with your friends. However, the outdoor spaces are not all the same, starting from dimensions: to make them comfortable, you have to follow some specific expedients. So let’s see how to furnish a long and narrow balcony.

First of all, it is better if you opt for suitable furniture, that are easy to move and not cumbersome. So, green light to folding chairs, in wood or plastic. The small tables can be placed, or rather anchored to the railing, so as to be used for an outdoor breakfast.

You cannot forget a small green corner: during the summer season, the plants can enjoy the sunlight for many hours and you can dedicate more to the gardening. A very good trick for narrow spaces is that of choosing thin and tall plants, thus creating a green wall without stealing precious space.

For the foodies, there is also the possibility to buy a practical barbecue, available on the market even in small dimensions.

To furnish a long and narrow balcony without ignoring the details, you have to consider the materials that must be waterproof and suitable for every weather condition. For this reason, it is better to choose specific solutions, such as the perimetral profile in colour-coated aluminium Protec CPCV.

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Protec CPCV

CPCV/55/10 in ash grey RAL 7038 embossed colour-coated aluminium

CPCV/55/10 in ash grey RAL 7038 embossed colour-coated aluminium

The profile Protec CPCV offered by Profilpas has been designed with a protruding section for guaranteeing the outflow of rainwater from the terrace’s surface and avoiding the direct contact with the outside border of the screed. Placed along the perimeter, it edges and protects the ceramic tiles.

CPCV/ /E in ancient grey colour-coated aluminium

CPCV/ /E in ancient grey colour-coated aluminium

Protec CPCV is available in many colours for satisfying every aesthetic taste: white, ash grey, embossed ash grey, dark brown, rust, metal grey, aluminium grey and ancient grey. Available for tiles with thickness up to 21 mm, the profile Protec CPCV is a perfect solution for furnishing a long and narrow balcony, and making it comfortable all over the year.

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