Fourty years of success, following innovation and constant research

2016 is not a year like the others for Profilpas. These four digits exactly include the whole exciting path that has allowed this company, born in 1976 in Vigodarzere in the province of Padua, to innovate the world of skirting boards and profiles for floors and coverings by adding new functions, shapes, colours, decorations and materials. Fourty years as leader on the wings of innovation, Profilpas is a multinational company with significant figures: it is active in 70 countries, with more than 20 million meters of profiles sold every year and 10 thousand articles offered in a catalogue translated in ten languages.

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Profiles and skirting boards: in the middle of a revolution in quality and style

What makes Profilpas’ adventure particularly charming is its history, from the first years where everything began to the present, always paying attention to innovation, research and quality. The person who had the brilliant intuition was Mr Franco Pasquali, at that time sales manager of a company specialized in adhesives for construction industry. He started the activity in a small warehouse of 200 square meters in Vigodarzere, in the province of Padua, with the production of profiles for floors by transforming them from functional but insignificant accessories into furnishing elements. From that moment onward, successes and appreciations followed one another with an unceasing research for increasing the quality and the design of the profiles and the skirting boards. Many revolutions have characterized the products development: from Unisystem, the professional system for the floating laying of wood and laminate floors, to the launch of Cerfix trademark, created for ceramic coverings, and from the multifunctional solutions (skirting boards for concealing cables and luminous profiles) to the stylish profiles (characterized by the insertion of luxury elements such as crystals from Swarovski®).

Structurally solid and strengthened by the family, Profilpas is also characterized by the great ability to constantly communicate with the market. This company, present in 70 countries and with branches all over the world, is ready to amaze with other innovative ideas and solutions. The project with Scuola Italiana Design (Italian school of design), and in particular the collaboration with 52 students, is born from this will to strengthen the Made in Italy with new perspectives and food for thought.

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