The evolution of aluminium skirting boards: flush-with-the-wall skirting boards

The aesthetic evolution of skirting boards

For many years, the skirting board has been used as finishing element whose importance concerns not only the technical aspect but also the aesthetic one, both in civil and commercial spaces. The technical importance of skirting boards includes the possibilities both to cover the perimetral expansion gap of floors and to enclose service cables (electric cables, LAN cables, ADSL cables etc.), thus protecting and hiding them. While the technical aim always remains the same, the aesthetic one has undergone an evolution over time. The decorative role of skirting boards, that is complementary to doors and windows finishes, has aligned itself with the change of the latter. Aesthetic tastes have clearly evolved: while people formerly preferred doors and windows finishes in golden or bronze brass, now they prefer aluminium. This is why skirting boards have also changed: today, the cutting-edge material is aluminium which is characterized by minimalist contemporary features.

Profilpas Metal Line aluminium skirting boards

Profilpas has also adapted to this change by designing Metal Line, a line of skirting boards which, in addition to guaranteeing a perfect protection of the lower side of walls, gives to the space a touch of minimalist design. It is a line full of solutions that offers a large variety of matches and colours that meet every housing need, from small to big meeting places.

Within Metal Line you can find both square shapes and soft lines depending on your aesthetic taste: the skirting board Metal Line 95 in anodized aluminium is essential in its linear practicality, while the Metal Line 96, in anodized aluminium too, is characterized by wavy lines to break the rigidity of the union between the walls and the flooring.

Flush-with-the-Wall Skirting Boards - Metal Line 95 e 96

Metal Line 95 and 96

Many creations have been realized with Profilpas Metal Line skirting boards: for example, Metal Line 90 and 98 have been used for the realization of Brazil pavilion at Expo 2015. These items are available not only in anodized aluminium, but also in other different finishes, and they are characterized by clear and essential lines.

Flush-with-the-Wall Skirting Boards - Metal Line 90 e 98

Metal Line 90 and 98

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Flush-with-the-wall aluminium skirting boards

Now we are going to explain in details a more recent evolution which has occurred in the world of interior design and architecture: as skirting boards are finishing elements, today people want not only to lay it, but also to integrate it with walls and floors, thus lending a feeling of indivisibility and continuity between them. Flush-with-the-wall skirting boards fulfill aesthetic needs, as they give an enlargement perception of the room limits, and technical needs, as they allow to avoid the thickness of the previous skirting boards and, therefore, to align furniture to the walls without leaving spaces.

Not only do these skirting boards have the feature to be flush with the wall, but they also are modular. Indeed, they are made up of two different parts: a pierced base structure in natural aluminium and a decorative insert which is different between the various models.

Metal Line 87/6 is a flush-with-the-wall skirting board for plasters which is 60 mm high and 15 mm deep. Conversely, Metal Line 88/6 is a flush-with-the-wall skirting board for plasterboards which is 60 mm high, 15 mm deep and is provided with a 25-mm-long little wing. The inserts of these skirting boards are in solid wood (oak in three variations, walnut, mahogany, cherry, wengè and natural beech).

Flush-with-the-Wall Skirting Boards - Metal Line 87_6

Metal Line 87/6

Flush-with-the-Wall Skirting Boards - Metal Line 88_6

Metal Line 88/6

As the insert used in these skirting boards is real wood, we suggest to avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Moreover, we suggest the use of normal cleanser for wood floors to clean it.

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Metal Line 99/C is a flush-with-the-wall skirting board for plasters and plasterboards which is 60 mm high and 15 mm deep, with a 25-mm-long little wing. This skirting board is also modular: it is provided with a pierced base structure in natural aluminium, but the insert can be in anodized aluminium or in coated natural aluminium. There are many coatings: from real leather (black or grey) to the digital film Alcrom® Plus that can reproduce different wood effects.

Flush-with-the-Wall Skirting Boards - Metal Line 99_C

Metal Line 99/C

We suggest not to clean it with substances such as muriatic acid, ammonia and bleach because they can ruin it.

How to lay flush-with-the-wall skirting boards

First of all, flush-with-the-wall skirting boards must be installed in rough walls and floors, before the application of plaster and the laying of the floor. Firstly, you need to define the height of the threshold and, just after that, apply the base structure in natural aluminium at the same height. This can be done through the use of suitable adhesives (PP/86) or screws and plugs. After having fixed the base structure, you can proceed with the plaster or plasterboard and with the laying of the flooring. Once the superficial insert is applied, the floor will “disappear” under the skirting board, thus hiding the expansion gap.

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