Flush-with-the-wall skirting boards


What are flush-with-the-wall skirting boards?

The flush-with-the-wall skirting board is a kind of skirting board that completely integrates with the wall, both plaster and plasterboard. This kind of skirting board allows to save space and to arrange the furniture completely tight to the wall. The flush-with-the-wall skirting board is one of the most efficient and less invasive solutions that have been designed by designers and architects in order to combine aesthetic and functionality in an innovative way.

Profilpas offers a full range of flush-with-the-wall skirting boards that are real design elements: indeed, they are perfect for those who wish to create a total aesthetic continuity between the wall and the floor.

Flush-with-the-wall skirting boards are modular, easy-to-lay and made of a pierced base structure in aluminium for the direct installation on the wall before the application of plaster and the laying of the floor. Their functionality intensifies their beauty that is expressed through a full range of finishes that combine with every kind of floor. The inserts are in solid wood (oak, walnut, cherry, wengé and natural beech), leather-covered or Alcrom® Plus film-covered.

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Profilpas flush-with-the-wall skirting boards

Profilpas flush-with-the-wall skirting boards are five and are included in the Metal Line range: 87/6, 88/6, 99/C, 100 and 101.

Metal Line 87/6 and 88/6 are flush-with-the-wall skirting boards for plaster and plasterboard composed of two separate parts: a base structure in natural aluminium completed by a wooden insert available in different finishes. After the installation, the result is an optical illusion of a skirting board completely integrated into the wall surface.

Flush-with-the-Wall Skirting Boards - Metal Line 87_6

Metal Line 87/6

Metal Line 99/C is a flush-with-the-wall skirting board with a base structure in natural aluminium. The installation is made through the use of proper adhesives or screws and plugs. Then, proceed with the application of the insert that is made of anodised aluminium and covered with Alcrom® Plus film; this part is easy to assemble thanks to the use of specific screws and plugs.

Metal Line 100 is a flush-with-wall skirting board in anodised aluminium, available in two heights and recommended for plasterboard. Finally, Metal Line 101 is a flush-with-the-wall skirting board in anodised aluminium that is suitable for plaster and should be installed directly on the rough wall. It is attached through proper adhesives, before the levelling of the wall.

Flush-with-the-Wall Skirting Boards - Metal Line 101

Metal Line 101

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