Flooring separation profiles


Same level flooring separation profiles

Floor separation profiles serve to finishing, close and protect flooring in ceramic, marble, granite, parquet or other types of materials. They are used to join two flooring of different types, which can be placed on the same level or on two different levels, and are also as an element of great decorative value.

We start from the Profilpas models of same level flooring separation profiles: Proangle is available in aluminium, brass and steel: this latest version is recommended as a finishing profile and protection for step edges. Proangle in version B, available in natural aluminium, is instead recommended in case it becomes necessary to proceed to sanding, including deep sanding, of the surface of marble, resin and wood floors.

Among the same level flooring separation profiles, there is then the Prodecor line, a range that is ideal for two specific purposes. This collection lends itself to contain the doormats well as to protect footboards and/or steps in ceramic. The visible thickness of Prodecor gives the flooring separation profile an elegant visual impact, able to blend naturally with the context of insertion.

If the surface on which the flooring separation profile is laid is subjected to high loads and frequent passages, the Profilpas solution that best suits this need is represented by the Prostyle line. On the other hand, where it is necessary to hide some imperfection in cutting or laying between flooring made from different materials, the Projoint T model is the answer to unsightly light differences in height.

The flooring separation profiles for the Projoint R range are characterised by a head of a certain thickness and are particularly indicated for sanding wood, marble and Venetian floors. The ProClassic line’s R version is a line of profiles specifically designed with the functions of threshold cover, useful for masking junctions and any imperfections due to cutting or laying floors of different types.

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Different level flooring separation profiles

Different Level Flooring Separation Profiles

If flooring is laid at different levels, Profilpas offers a range of flooring separation profiles with inclined section. Pronivel P is an example: chosen in the steel and brass versions, it is suitable for withstanding high stress. If, instead, the choice depends on a preference for quick and easy installation, Pronivel L is the best choice, because it is fixed to the floor with adhesive. For DIY application, the Prolevel 6/, 7/ and 305/ models are also optimal.

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