Profilpas for the restructuring of the Residential Nursing Home (RSA) Eugenio Gruppioni

The Residential Nursing Home (RSA) Eugenio Gruppioni

The Residential Nursing Home (RSA) Eugenio Gruppioni offers a physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre as well as specialist clinics. This residence is classified as a facility which is highly qualified in the field of rehabilitation and functional recovery, particularly orthopaedic and neuromotor recovery. Thanks to good preparation and experience which spans over 20 years within the business and health care sector, the residence is equipped to solve problems related to various incapacitating diseases.

Together with concise and well coordinated professionalism, our excellence and training enables us to offer excellent rehabilitation services that help to restore both physical and psychological well-being, in a modern environment within a state-of-the-art building. All the features that make the care centre Eugenio Gruppioni a real innovative and functional experience.

For the restructuring of this design the GIN/15 profile has been selected in Profilpas polished stainless steel, combined with Cotto d’Este flooring of thickness 15. GIN/15 is part of the line of internal corners profiles Cerfix Proround Profilpas.

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Internal Corners Pofiles - Cerfix Proround GIN15

Cerfix Proround GIN/15

The importance of hygienic connection slips

Proround M is a line of steel profiles, fitting to the perimeter connection between floor and coating, to be used in situations where you require particular protection levels of hygiene (Eg in medical studies, food industries, swimming pools, spas, industrial kitchens, hospitals etc.). The current requirements of hygiene and health maintenance required by European Standards in fact ensure the elimination of the 90° angle to avoid the deposit of dirt and the formation of possible sources of bacteria, creating a curvature to facilitate cleaning. In particular, the quality version AISI 316 DIN 1.4404 offers higher resistance features against corrosion and it is therefore recommended for application in areas subjected to greater chemical stresses and in sea areas. The models with a single lug anchor allow it to be used as a connection in the laying between floors and coating walls of a different thickness.

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Scotia Trims - Cerfix Proround GIN15

Cerfix Proround GIN/15

It is precisely for this reason that this profile has been specially chosen for the restructuring of this nursing home, by ensuring a safe and clean environment, and, at the same time, enriching it with more aesthetic detail.

Stainless steel is the chosen material as it is extremely resistant to the main chemical and atmospheric agents, lime and mortar, tile adhesives and cleaning products. This type of slip has been selected by the client, as well as to facilitate the daily cleaning operations in compliance with the regulations in force, and also as a connecting element between the flooring and the ceramic skirting board.

Its application was scheduled to be both in the pool area and in all of the patients’ rooms in the nursing home. Its particular wing section allows the connection of a floor from 14 mm to a covering of any measure.

This line is equipped with a series of accessories (internal, external corners, junctions, terminals and triaxial) in 6/10 steel which guarantee the connection of the various profiles in a functional manner facilitating the implementation phases.

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