Edge strips for linoleum floors

Linoleum flooring: features and advantages

Linoleum is a material widely used for flooring in offices and retail spaces, and owing to recent advances it is now increasingly being used in homes. Linoleum has always been a popular choice because it is economical and easy to lay, and now it has the added advantages of an even broader range of colours and styles, and edge strips for linoleum specially created for this type of flooring.

The disadvantages associated with linoleum in the past in terms of lack of versatility, types available and tendency to crack have been successfully overcome in recent years.

What are the main advantages of linoleum? First of all, linoleum is hypoallergenic; it’s no coincidence that linoleum is widely used in hospitals and other sanitary environments, which could make it the perfect flooring for anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies, as it destroys bacteria “naturally”. Thanks to its non-slip surface, linoleum is particularly suitable for bathroom and kitchen areas, as well as for external flooring around swimming pools or hot tubs. It is also hardwearing; another advantage that should be understated, and comes in a wide range of colours to suit every taste. New technologies have stretched the versatility of linoleum to the very limits, and it now comes in totally customisable designs and patterns, to make any room special and unique.

Edge strips for linoleum

Profilpas has created a range of edge strips for linoleum, perfect for this type of surface as well as for pvc floors. This new range of low-thickness edge strips for floors is perfectly adapted to these types of flooring with limited thickness.

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Eurosystem Thin is a range of edge strips for floors between 4mm and 6.5mm thick, now with the addition of top new models JN/4 and LN/4 which allow greater expansion and contraction of floating floors. Edge strips in silver anodised aluminum, are also available on request with Alcrom® Plus customised coating film.

Unisystem Thin is a range of edge strips for floors between 2.5mm and 6.5mm thick. This system provides a single top edging either for floors of the same thickness or to compensate for any difference in height. The Z7 model is also made in silver anodised aluminum and is available on request with Alcrom® Plus customised coating.

Edge Strips for Linoleum LVT Z7 for Even-Levelled Floors

Unisystem Thin Z7 for even-levelled floors

Edge Strips for Linoleum LVT Z7 for Floors with Different Levels

Unisystem Thin Z7 for floors with different levels

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