Economical skirting boards

Economical skirting boards: the proposal of Profilpas

There are many reasons that push a person into choosing a low cost furniture for the house. This may happen for professional reasons or, in other cases, because you want to furnish the second house, to the sea or in the mountain, by having special consideration for the wallet. In this case the budget imposes the choices both for the furniture and for the finishes. In this article we are going to talk exactly about this field by presenting the economical skirting board.

Profilpas guarantees an excellent ratio between quality and prices. Today we are going to focus on PVC Line skirting boards. This line is particularly recommended to meet every technical and chromatic need. Moreover, they are finish elements for both DIY and professional installation. Besides having a decorative purpose, PVC skirting boards fully meet technical needs because they allow to hide the perimetral expansion gap of some floating floors.

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Economical skirting boards between good quality and contained prices

PVC Line 8605 is an economical skirting board in foam PVC, covered by PDS film. Available in 73 decors, it is also customizable with a minimum order of 500 meters. Moreover, 8605 may be fixed to the wall with adhesive (PP/96) or nail. It does not absorb water, does not contain formaldehyde, is resistant to shocks, wear, UV and cleaning products for floors and coverings. PVC Line 8608, covered by PDS film, is another economical skirting board with the same features but greater thickness.

Economical skirting boards - PVC Line 8605

PVC Line 8605

Other economical but good-quality skirting boards are PVC Line 8600, 8610 and 8611. PVC Line 8596 and 8598 are provided with a rounded shape and the laying surface on the wall allow a perfect adhesion even to surfaces that are not perfectly flat, keeping speed and simplicity of application. PVC Line 8602 is 48 mm high, while 8603 and 8607 are 70 mm high.

Economical Skirting Boards - PVC Line 8600 Silver

PVC Line 8600 – Silver

If you need an economical skirting board for carpet and PVC coverings, the right choice is PVC Line 148. This model is composed of two profiles, a base in rigid PVC and a clip in soft PVC. Used as connection profile, it creates a rounded surface once installed together with the covering. Moreover, it finishes and covers the extremity of the carpet or PVC covering by hiding possible cut imprecisions.

Economical Skirting Boards - PVC Line 148

PVC Line 148

PVC Line 170, 169 and 171 complete the collection. They are connection profiles in plasticized PVC, recommended for the laying of carpet and PVC coverings.

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