Easy-to-lay skirting boards: Profilpas lines

DIY Profilpas lines: the easy-to-lay skirting boards

Paying attention to details is really important to take care of your house. One of these details is the skirting board: a finishing element which can also be laid DIY. How to do it? First of all, you need to direct towards one of the many lines of easy-to-lay skirting boards and, then, you need to have a particular dose of manual skill, a bit of patience… and problem solved!

Skirting boards are finishing elements that are important both for their operational value, as they create a connection between the wall and the floor, and for they aesthetic value, as they finish the house corners by decorating the walls. Laying skirting boards is the typical “little job” that can be done without appealing to a skilled company or an artisan.

Profilpas easy-to-lay skirting boards lines

The PVC Line 8605 and 8608 are included in the range of easy-to-lay skirting boards that Profilpas offers. As both are made of foam PVC, they are easy to cut and paste.

In particular, PVC Line 8605 is covered with PDS film (Profilpas Digital System), an innovative printing digital system which allows to make any decoration for top profiles and skirting boards according to customer requirements. Available in 35 decors, it is also customizable according to the different needs and only with a minimum order of 500 meters. PVC Line 8605 is one of the easiest-to-lay skirting boards, as it can be fixed to the wall with adhesive (PP/96) or small nail. In addition, this item does not absorb water, it is shock, wear-and-tear and UV resistant, and it is resistant to the cleaning products that are usually used for floors and walls.

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The PVC Line 8608 is a foam PVC skirting board, covered with Alcrom®Plus film. This is also a kind of easy-to-lay skirting board, as it can be fixed to the wall with a specific fixing clip, with adhesive (PP/96) or small nails. As the other item (8605), the 8608 is shock and wear-and-tear resistant and it does not absorb water.

Easy-to-Lay Skirting Boards - PVC Line 8608

PVC Line 8608

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