Draining drip profiles for terraces and balconies

Balcony drip profile: what for?

Nowadays the problems associated with infiltration in terraces and balconies are a crucial issue and a fundamental problem needing to be addressed while these architectural elements are being built. Waterproofing systems have made great strides today, and many of them have included a drip profile for metal balconies into their offer to complete the system.

The drip profiles for balconies are made of stainless steel or powder coated extruded aluminium to ensure long life.

Major companies such as Kerakoll and Volteco have included in their waterproofing offers these products which are essential for the water to flow continuously through the drainage system. To make them easier to install, all balcony drip profiles are supplied with angular trims and junctions.

Protec CPGV – drip profiles for balcony by Profilpas

Balcony Drip Profile - Grey Protec CPGV

Protec CPGV

The wide range of Profilpas products is now enhanced with a new model that helps drain both on the surface level and under the flooring. Protec CPGV is a series of drip profiles for balconies specially made for the protection and finishing of the outer edges of terraces. The profile has a vertical section that covers the edge of the pavement and lets the rainwater flow off the tiled surface. Other eyelets in the projecting part allow the water filtered under the tiles to drain away.

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Drip Profiles for Balconies Protec CPGV Drip Profiles for Balconies - Protec CPGV








The balcony drip profile is an ideal technical solution for reducing freezing and thawing problems and the unsightly scumming that can occur on the cement joints; it is recommended as being especially suitable for tiles up to 12.5 mm thick.

The balcony drip profiles Protec CPGV made by Profilpas provide considerable advantages: among these, the best quality / price ratio as compared with conventional drip stones or ceramics and versatility and adaptability for joining to cement sheathing for waterproofing under the tiles. In addition, the product supplied in 2.7 ml bars is easier and faster to install than a normal corner L-shaped ceramic – resulting in substantially lower labour costs.

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