Playroom: creativity and safety within domestic walls

How to make a DIY playroom

A safe and at the same time amusing space specifically designed for children. The playroom is the perfect place where children spend their time absorbed in their world of imagination. Obviously, the furniture and the details are also important to create this child-friendly room: you need just few but efficient ideas for making a DIY playroom and obtaining a beautiful and functional result.

The first step for a perfect DIY playroom is letting yourself be inspired by creativity. For example, children love drawings and colours: therefore, you can dedicate a wall to the application of a chalkboard-effect paint. Anthracite grey tones reproduce this material and allow to create panels or real wall blackboards where children can give free rein to their imagination. You can also use wallpaper with different patterns to be coloured or filled. In this way, the wall of the playroom becomes a sort of giant colouring book.

There are also many solutions and ideas concerning furniture: you can buy funny poufs with animal shape that can become cheerful playmates and enrich the space. For the youngest who love rolling about on the floor, you can choose the rubber puzzle carpet. Lastly, to decorate the playroom, you can buy a little table surrounded by many small chairs: here the various creative activities such as drawing, writing and reading will take place.

The corner protection profiles Procorner P

Profilpas has designed the corner protection profiles for guaranteeing a high level of safety in the DIY playroom. This is the reason why we have created the corner protection profiles Procorner P: for preventing children from accidents and safeguarding them against sharp edges.

DIY Playroom - IP/40 in soft PVC

IP/40 in soft PVC

In particular, the profile IP/40 is available in a wide selection of colours for every need: from white to yellow, from red to blue. This solutions is both aesthetic and functional: indeed, the bright colour visually highlights the edges of the covering.

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