Design staircases for interior spaces between functionality and beauty

Design staircases for interior spaces

A useful and original idea for those who would like to renovate the home furnishings is choosing design staircases for interior spaces, an alternative that allows to give a different touch to the house without upsetting it. Obviously, you should pay attention to the overall aspect of the space, especially to the style, and to the single details.

Each structure has its own design that combines functionality with beauty in different percentages. The selection ranges from ultra-modern staircases to those that remember atmospheres of old times, with the rises made of coloured faux wood. Between these, there is a wide range of shades that mix components in wood with Plexiglas or glass.

Those who look for lightness can opt for a cantilevered staircase with the single modules fixed on the wall and without other structures around, while those who want to dare with luxury can choose majestic railings with elegant and refined decorations.

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Design staircases for interior spaces - Prostep G/8 LED

Prostep G/8 LED

Design staircases for interior spaces: Profilpas solutions

If you wish a truly unique staircase with great visual impact, the ideal solution is using the stair nosing profiles with LED light. That’s why we, Profilpas team, have designed Prostep and Protect LED, two lines of stair nosing profiles in anodised aluminium that are perfect to increase safety of spaces and to give a touch of design to your staircase.

The first ones must be laid during the installation of the staircase. They are suitable for domestic environments thanks to a soft light that spreads downwards, thus creating a suggestive atmosphere.

On the contrary, Protect LED line has been studied for public spaces such as cinemas, clubs and offices. These stair nosing profiles are provided with a front light that makes the environment comfortable and refined at the same time. Another feature is practicality: indeed, they can be laid after the installation of the covering.

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