Design profiles: all Profilpas models


Design profiles for a modern house

A charming house with contemporary design requires finishes that are in line with the chosen furniture. …Today we are going to talk about all Profilpas design models!

Indeed, Profilpas has created a full range of design profiles that includes different products: profiles for floors, internal and outside corners, decorative listellos and skirting boards. Let’s find out Profilpas Design, a line characterized by new colours and finishes that allow a wide selection of combinations following the last trends of modern design, both for interior designers and architects.

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All Profilpas design profiles

Prolist Design is a line of decorative listellos with two finishes: chrome-plated stainless steel S Design and anodised aluminium X Design, whose names remember the style of the satin finish. In the first case, the available colours are mirror, nickel, black nickel, copper bronze and brass bronze. In the second case, the available colours are: platinum, titanium, brown, dark brown and carbon.

Design Profiles - Prolist Design S Design

Prolist Design – S Design

Proangle Design is a line of external corners profiles of different heights, in chrome-plated stainless steel [S Design] and anodised aluminium [X Design]. Also in this case, the name remember the satin finish and the available colours are the same as Prolist Design.

The range of design profiles also includes M Design and C Design. M Design is a line of profiles for finishing and connecting the floor with the wall, created to define ceramic with sharp cuts and clear lines, while C Design is a line of high-quality profiles that are embellished by crystals from Swarovski®, also available in the 24K gold-plated brass version.

Design Profiles - M Design

M Design

Design Profiles - C Design with Swarovski® Crystals

C Design with Swarovski® Crystals

Omega Design is a line of design profiles and decorative listellos characterized by geometry that is in relief and created by three different motifs. Furthermore, you can create new patterns by combining two or more listellos, thus obtaining a great aesthetic effect.

Design Profiles - Omega Design

Omega Design

Lastly, Metal Line Design is a line of design skirting boards in anodised aluminium, called I Design for the satin finish that characterizes them. They are available in the contemporary colours platinum, titanium, brown, dark brown and carbon.

Design Skirting Boards - Metal Line Design

Metal Line Design – I Design

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