Omega Design: the new design profiles and listellos

The new Profilpas line of design profiles and listellos in aluminium

A geometrical game, from the roundest shapes to the squarest ones, that also satisfies the refined taste of architects and designers. This is the main characteristic of the new design profiles and listellos of Profilpas, designed to create new stylistic possibilities required by the finishing world.

Profilpas, during an uninterrupted evolution and trial in this field, has created Omega Design, a new line of design profiles and listellos in aluminium that is included in the collection Profilpas Design.

Profilpas Design is a full range of design listellos, profiles and skirting boards in aluminium and stainless steel that perfectly combines functionality with design and that has been studied for refined and minimalist residential contexts.

The characteristics of the new line of design profiles and listellos

The main characteristic of the new line Omega Design is its ability to increase the composition and colour combination possibilities in the interior finishing and furniture sectors.

Design Profiles and Listellos - Proangle Q Omega Design

Proangle Q ZQAMD/ – Omega Design

This design profiles and listellos are included in the wide families Proangle Q and Prolist. However, they elegantly and originally distinguish themselves from the others for their particular geometrical shapes in relief, directly created on the profiles surface. The lines give the external corner a new definition and, thanks to the particular aesthetic appearance, these items can be used with a double purpose: indeed, design profiles can be used as the only decorative item or combined with Profilpas Design listellos in order to obtain a great aesthetic effect.

Design Profiles and Listellos - Prolist Omega Design

Prolist LFDBD – Omega Design

The decorative listellos can be applied alone as a single line or two or more together. In the second case, the combination creates new and creative geometrical shapes, producing really original results. Moreover, the listellos are available in two different finishing: anodised and satin. These distinct versions create further customization possibilities in the place where you live.

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