The definition of skirting board: an essential protection for walls

The definition of skirting board

The skirting board is an unavoidable accessory in the home furnishing, but how many times do we think about its functions and its meaning? This wood, metal or plastic item has a significant role in the interior finishing: it protects the lower part of the walls, covers the junction between the floor and the wall that is often unpleasant to see, and protects from dust.

Available in different shapes, heights and materials, the skirting board should be selected according to the effect you want to obtain and to the features you consider most important: those in wood warm the room up, those in metal are suitable for minimalist spaces, those in PVC are practical and easy to clean.

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The definition of skirting board: plays of light, covering for cables and much more

If you wish to learn more about the meaning of skirting board, Profilpas is an excellent point of reference. This company, always careful to meet every need in the field of interior finishing, has available an extended range of skirting boards characterized by quality and elegance. Whichever is your house’s style or the final yield you have in mind, Profilpas is able to offer you the most suitable solution.

From wood-effect PVC to anodised aluminium, Profilpas can give the right definition to skirting board. Besides the most classical and traditional models, there are also skirting boards with specific functions on catalogue. For example, Metal Line 97/8 and Metal Line 95 are designed to conceal cables, such as those of the TV, computer or phone.

The Definition of Skirting Board - Metal Line 97 - 4

Metal Line 97/4

If you wish to add value to perimeters, provide a courtesy lighting or create suggestive space effects, the most effective solutions are the skirting boards Metal Line 89 LED, with strip LED light supplied along the whole length of the profile and, thanks to the optional dimmer, with adjustable intensity, or the skirting board Iceberg with light points as distinctive detail.

The Definition of Skirting Board - Metal Line 95

Metal Line 95

PVC Line 148 is suitable for those places where is easy to find carpets or PVC floors, such as health centers, hospitals and schools. It is used as connection profile and, once installed, it allows to create a rounded shape and finish the extremity of the material laid.

Want to find the suitable skirting board? Profilpas Digital System PDS is the innovative digital printing system to create profiles and skirting boards identical to your floor with any wood or patterned decor. Besides the 250 decors available, you can send to Profilpas a floor sample and you will obtain a product in line with your house’s style.

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