Profilpas decorative listellos for the Hotel&Spa Kocierz in Poland

Decorative listellos: Profilpas at the Hotel&Spa Kocierz in Poland

In southern Poland, on the border between the Little Poland and the Silesian region, there are wonderful hotels and spas. The mountains and the embracing nature, the cozy accommodations and, at the same time, the short distance from Krakow and Katowice make this place a really tempting and valued destination. The Hotel&Spa Kocierz is right here: formerly it was a refreshment inn for travelers, while now it is a modern and popular resort that has been rewarded many times and is often frequented by famous athletes.

Decorative Listellos - Hotel&Spa Kocierz

The top view of the Hotel&Spa Kocierz and the surrounding nature

At the beginning of 2016, the Hotel&Spa Kocierz has been refurbished by giving the structure a modern style with a romantic and mountain touch. The interior design has been adapted to the different needs of the guests, thus making this resort a perfect place not only for families or groups of friends, but also for conferences and business meetings.

Mrs Magdalena Badetko, the architect in charge of this refurbishment, has chosen Profilpas decorative listellos Prolist LDA/10 in silver anodised aluminium.

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Decorative Listellos Profilpas LDA10

The decorative listellos Prolist LDA/10 for the Hotel&Spa Kocierz

The decorative listellos Prolist are perfect to give ceramic coverings a refined and modern touch. These details make the difference since they complete the finishing of walls by giving the environment an elegant and stylish character. Profilpas offers decorative listellos that are different for heights and finishes; moreover, it has recently created two new lines, Prolist Design and Omega Design, influenced by the world of design and architecture.

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