Decorative listellos for walls

Decorative listellos for walls, the winning choice for design walls

The decorative listellos for walls are a simple idea but with great impact to give an extra touch of style to the house’s walls. Wherever there is a tile covering – in the kitchen, in the bathroom but also in the living room or in a shop – these furnishing finishes adapt to infinite aesthetic combinations and to multiple architectural tastes that range from classic to modern.

Decorative Listellos for walls - LI-10


Among the current aesthetic trends in the field of profiles for coverings, the decorative listellos are the winning detail to define the look of the room, link different materials or simply customize the wall as they give the possibility to create intriguing lines.

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The decorative listellos on Profilpas catalogue

Profilpas has created a full range of listellos and design profiles to offer everyone the perfect solution to follow the desired style.

Among Profilpas proposals of decorative listellos for walls, there are the new listellos Prolist Design in chromium-plated stainless steel S Design or in anodised aluminium X Design that are available in an extended range of new colours that can suit the latest trends of modern design.

Elegance is the keyword of C Design, a line embellished by crystals from Swarovski®. This is a high-quality finish where the combination between the chromium plated or 24K brass profile and crystals highlights the brightness of lines.

Decorative Listellos for walls_C_Design -

C Design line – crystals from Swarovski®

In the end, geometry wins with Omega Design: listellos and external corners profiles with different geometric drawings that can be matched to create further geometric compositions.

Decorative Listellos for walls-Proangle_Q_ZQAMD_-_Omega_Design -

Proangle Q ZQAMD – Omega Design

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