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Decorative listellos for coverings

Ceramic tiles are the most efficient and resistant solution to cover floors or walls. Over time, ceramic tiles have undergone a significant change by moving from single-fired to double-fired and, lastly, to stoneware. Unlike double-fired tiles, the porcelain stoneware, extremely compact and created through the pressing process, is characterized by a greater resistance and the coloring throughout the whole thickness. Thanks to its features, the porcelain stoneware is currently the most used, not only for floors but also for walls; moreover, thanks to the new production technologies, the tiles are available in different square shapes with modern design and different material effects, such as stone or marble.

Together with ceramics, even the decorative listellos for coverings have undergone a change over time. In the past people used the classic ceramic listellos, while now the selection is wider and also includes listellos in aluminium or stainless steel. These are profiles characterized by design lines and are obviously cheaper than ceramic listellos. The decorative listellos in aluminium or stainless steel are suitable both for classic and for modern spaces and can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, halls and commercial offices.

Profilpas has created Prolist, a range of decorative listellos that are available in different materials and finishes. Aluminium listellos are available in the standard finishes silver anodised, silver scratched, bright polished silver or titanium, bright satin titanium, copper, silver, gold or smoked, bright silver scratched or smoked; stainless steel listellos are available in the finishes polished or satin.

Decorative listellos for coverings 2_LDS

Prolist LDS/20 in bright satin silver aluminium

Moreover, Profilpas has developed new lines with special finishes with matt effect in order to create modern and design combinations: Prolist S-Design in chromed stainless steel in the following finishes: mirror, nickel, black nickel, copper bronze and brass bronze and Prolist X-Design in anodised aluminium in the finishes platinum, titanium, brown, dark brown and carbon.

Decorative listellos for coverings - Prolist X-Design in anodised aluminium

Prolist X-Design in anodised aluminium: platinum, titanium, brown, dark brown, carbon

Decorative listellos for coverings - Prolist S-Design in chromed stainless steel

Prolist S-Design in chromed stainless steel: nickel, mirror, black nickel, brass bronze, copper bronze










Profilpas has also created Omega Design in order to reproduce the old geometric motifs of the classic ceramic listellos. This line of decorative listellos in platinum anodised aluminium is characterized by geometric shapes in relief that, combined together, allow to create further and creative patterns.

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Listelli decorativi per rivestimenti - Prolist Omega Design

Prolist Omega Design LFDD in platinum anodised aluminium

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