Nature at home thanks to wood properties

Decorating the house with wood, between beauty and functionality

Wood has an inimitable charm. Maybe it is thanks to the knots that create suggestive drawings, thus making its surface unique, or thanks to its warm tonalities that varies according to the arboreal species of origin. What is certain is that still today decorating the house with wood  is synonym of style and design.

Indeed, this material has many structural and aesthetic features. The resistance and the ability to isolate from the noise and the outside temperature combine with the elegance and the beauty of the surfaces. But there are other qualities: decorating the house with wood gives an immediate advantage to the people who live inside its rooms and who find themselves immersed in a natural atmosphere, even if there are all the other domestic comforts.

Decorating the house with wood: how to do it

There are many ways to embellish the house by using wood beams and boards. The first solution is of course that of investing in a parquet floor. Not only will it give the living room or the bedrooms a sophisticated look, but it will also allow to free yourself of the tensions of the day, thus becoming a regenerating surface where walking on and relaxing your feet.

In the same way of the floors, even the walls can be covered with wooden panels and, to create a house in full “natural wood” style, you should think about coordinated accessories.

From walnut to cherry, you can find furniture for all tastes in order to create a rustic and homey atmosphere. Just think about the living room cabinets, that could be perfect in a minimalist or bohémien context, the classic shelves arranged in a creative way or the dressing tables in natural wood, maybe bought at a vintage local market.

Decorating the house with wood

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PVC Line 8608

Decorating the house with wood

Therefore, let’s see some tips for decorating the house with wood. The parquet floor is undoubtedly the most used accessory to give the bedroom or the living room a simple, elegant and timeless style. After choosing between the clearer oak and beech panels and those with darker tones, it is important to remember completing the work by adding the most suitable skirting board.

Decorating the house with wood - PVC Line 8608

PVC Line 8608

The PVC skirting boards created by Profilpas are perfect for this purpose. In particular, PVC Line 8608, in foam PVC and covered with PDS film, meets every need: indeed, it is available in 43 decors, most of them with wood effect, and can be further customized according to the taste and the needs of the customer.

Moreover, PVC Line 8608 is extremely functional: indeed, this element does not absorb water and is resistant to impacts, wear, UV rays and products generally used for cleaning floors and walls.

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