How to decorate the house with antique furniture

Going beyond the fear of antiques

Who has never inherited an old piece of furniture from a relative or found a special occasion in a flea market? Many people are immediately captured by the charm of antiques, but then they realize they do not know how to integrate these elements in a modern house. However, decorating the house with antique furniture is possible but you have to do it with discernment and by paying attention to combinations.

Whether it’s a Venetian style cabinet, a 40s sideboard or a vintage sofa, antique furniture can really make the difference, giving an extra touch of elegance to the space. It can be used in two ways: either by mixing them with modern and contemporary accessories or by changing them into real protagonists of the house furniture.

Decorating the house with antique furniture

The effect of contrasts

A solution for decorating the house with antique furniture is to focus on contrasts. Matching white and black, shadow and light, positive and negative will create harmony between historic periods and different styles.

Moreover, white is synonym of modernity and simplicity, and can be the setting of an old solid wood cabinet or a table embellished by the signs of the time.

The most suitable rooms

In a living room furnished in contemporary style, you can think of adding some vintage elements, such as an armchair with retro shapes or a bookcase with antique flavour. The elements can be mixed inside the space or you can reserve them an independent place, which  puts them even more in evidence.

Decorating the house with antique furniture

A pleasant effect can be also created in the dining room. In this case, you can opt for a mix of classic and modern chairs, combined with a big table with vintage flavour.

If the space is clean and minimal, you can decorate with antique furniture even the bedroom. The elements that fit best – and which are also usually available in markets and shops – are a chest of drawers and an old chest to be placed on the sides of the bed.

The skirting board PVC Line 8605

PVC Line 8605 in foam PVC covered with Alcrom® Plus film

PVC Line 8605 in foam PVC covered with Alcrom® Plus film

The colour and the design are fundamental: for this reason, when you think about decorating the house with antique furniture, you do not have to disregard any detail. The perfect integration between different styles must not be visually discordant. Indeed, on the basis of the colours of the accessories, you can choose the most suitable skirting board.

PVC Line 8605 by Profilpas is a line of foam PVC skirting boards, covered with Alcrom® Plus film, a special covering with wood, stone or concrete decors. The skirting board is available in 73 decors and is further customizable with any decor, even a fantasy one.

For this reasons, it is the ideal solution for those who need flexibility to combine furnishing elements that are in contrast. The skirting board 8605 can be fixed to the wall with adhesive or nail, is waterproof and resistant to shocks and wear, and does not contain formaldehyde.

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In conclusion, decorating the house with antique furniture is not so difficult. Anyway, the suggestion is not to exaggerate, first of all because the vintage furniture is sometimes expensive and then because you risk creating a house that is too “heavy” from a visual point of view.

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