No limit to imagination with Profilpas customizable skirting boards

Profilpas customizable skirting boards

Small details often make a space unique, both in a small room and in a wide place. Indeed, the originality of a space is often a result of the attention to details such as finishes and, why not, skirting boards. If we add the chance to customize them, uniqueness is guaranteed!

This is possible with Profilpas. Indeed, thanks to the innovative digital printing technology PDS (Profilpas Digital System), we are able to reproduce any decor or motif on the basis of a sample provided by the same customer. Over time, thanks to the use of this system, we have increased our database with more than 250 decors which are already available and ready to be reproduced on the Alcrom Plus film. The whole process is done in-house, from the scanning to the digital printing till the covering of the skirting board with the film.

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Battiscopa personalizzabili

Customization on sample

Customizable skirting boards - Customization on catalogue

Customization on catalogue

The Profilpas PVC Line range includes three models of customizable skirting boards with Alcrom Plus film: 8605, 8608 and 8612. These are three kinds of skirting board in foam PVC, available on catalogue in different decors of wood, stone and concrete. Therefore, you can choose the decor that looks like your floor or, if you provide us with a reproducible sample, you can get any other decor, even a patterned one!

Customizable skirting boards - PVC Line 8605-8608
Customizable skirting boards - Skirting boards PVC Line 8605-8608

Skirting boards PVC Line 8605-8608 with patterned decors

Besides the possibility of customization, we should also consider the other advantages of these skirting boards. Indeed, the PVC is resistant to shocks, wear, UV radiation and cleaning agents, it is waterproof and does not contain formaldehyde. Moreover, PVC skirting boards are easy to install and, for this reason, are suitable for the DIY.

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