Customised skirting boards: solutions by Profilpas


Customised skirting boards: the new Profilpas range in PVC

Anyone wishing to have customised skirting boards in their house, can from today thanks to an innovation by Profilpas! Countless opportunities to go wild with one’s creativity thanks to the installation of a customised skirting board paving the way for the transformation of traditional skirting boards into decorative and exclusive one-off pieces.

Profilpas has in fact created a range of coloured skirting boards in laminated expanded PVC that have extremely advantageous technical characteristics: resistant to water and humidity, bumps and detergents, and also easy to install. It is therefore an innovative solution with a visual impact, very convenient and more durable than traditional skirting boards.

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Digital printing and decorative films to create custom skirting boards

The decorative possibilities offered by this new range of skirting boards are offered by PDS technology (Profilpas Digital System), one of the most innovative digital systems that enables reproduction of any texture or pattern on the covering of profiles and skirting boards. The result are custom skirting boards able to reproduce, for example, the different finishes of wood or any other surface you wish. The effect you get is extraordinary: a high resolution scanner captures every vein, detail and colour variation of the surface you want to reproduce. Once the desired image is reproduced, this is printed on a film which can then be applied to the skirting boards or profiles.

If you still don’t know how to add a touch of colour to a single room or the entire house, Profilpas has another solution for you! Alcrom® Plus Presto is the name of the range of adhesive decorative films suitable for different surfaces and perfect for DIY use.

Custom Skirting Boards - Alcrom Plus Presto

Alcrom® Plus Presto decorative films

They can be as adhesives to create custom skirting boards in metal and PVC but not only: they can be used to line profiles, fixtures, kitchen surfaces, vases, storage compartments and much more! Equipped with a high quality rubber based permanent adhesive, the Alcrom® Plus Presto decorative films are available in 34 different wood decorations and, on request, they can even be customised with any decor you want!

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