Schools become a safer place with the corner protection profiles

The importance of the corner protection profiles for schools

Safety is very important in public buildings and, for this reason, it must be guaranteed constantly and accurately. This matter needs a stronger attention when we talk about school buildings, where accidents and falls that are easily avoidable often occur.

Hence the importance of the corner protection profiles for schools, finishing details that must comply with the standards of efficiency, ergonomics, safety and solidity. Moreover, they must withstand the pressure of weight and movements, without forgetting the aesthetic appearance.

The corner protection profiles for schools generally have an L-shape but there are also those with circular shape or with original looks. As regards colours, manufacturers compete to ensure the best combination with the furniture, making this detail a plus.

Profilpas corner protection profiles for schools: a safety for the citizens of tomorrow

Aware of the importance of this finishing elements, Profilpas has created a line of corner protection profiles for schools. To be precise, the most suitable product for this use is Procorner P, a further protection that is ideal for covering the corners at risk.

Corner protection profiles for schools - Procorner P

Procorner P IP/40 soft PVC

This model is made of soft PVC and, for this reason, it is suitable for places with children but also for offices and public spaces. Moreover, its vibrant colours make it perfect for schools and kindergartens: indeed, the bright tones perfectly highlight the covering’s corners, ranging from yellow, to red and blue, without forgetting white.

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