How to connect different height floors

Connecting different height floors: when it is needed

By choice or necessity, when you refurbish a house or an office you often have to connect two floors of different height, thus creating a small as unsightly and sometimes dangerous step. Therefore, covering the gap between the two floors is a problem that has to be solved as soon as possible, both for aesthetic reasons and for safety measures, thus preventing from stumbling. Indeed, ceramic tiles and coverings have variable thicknesses depending on the material that can range from 5 mm in the most common tiles to the 10-20 mm in marble or terracotta floors.

If you need to demolish a wall to connect to rooms but you do not want to refurbish both floors, a simple but refined idea is to refurbish just one floor and to use a specific profile designed to create a uniform sloping transition.

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Connecting different height floors: the solutions designed by Profilpas

To meet the needs of those who have to cover a gap between two floors with a practical and simple system, Profilpas offers a range of profiles that are easily usable even in the DIY field and that are a suitable solution for the transitions of different heights that we will discuss below.

For example, the profiles Prolevel 57/ and 357/ are perfect for gaps of 12 mm and are available in anodised aluminium (in gold, silver or bronze colour) or polished brass; they can be installed with screws or adhesive.

Prolevel 51/ and 52/ are available for gaps of 8 or 14 mm, in gold or silver anodised aluminium; they can be installed after the tiles laying with screws or adhesive.

The perfect solution for variable gaps from 7 to 12 mm are the self-adhesive profiles Prolevel 711/ and 311/ in polished and satin stainless steel or polished brass. Similarly, for gaps from 12 to 16 mm, you can opt for Prolevel 712/ and 312/ with similar features but not available in satin stainless steel.

How to connect different height floors - silver anodised aluminium

6/A in silver anodised aluminium

Prolevel 346/, 034/ and 734/ are small-dimension profiles. Prolevel 346/ is available in polished brass while Prolevel 034/ and 734/ is also available in polished stainless steel. This is a line of profiles specifically designed to connect floors with differences of 10 mm.

Polished stainless steel and polished brass are also available in the edging profiles Prolevel 732/ and 032/, designed for the protection of the perimetral edge as well as for steps.

How to connect different height floors - polished brass

300 polished brass

For floors of small thickness that have been already laid, the best choice are the transition profiles Prolevel 6/, 7/ and 305/. Prolevel 6/ is available in silver, gold and bronze anodised aluminium, Prolevel 7/ in silver and gold anodised aluminium and Prolevel 305/ in polished brass. Prolevel 700/ and 300/ in polished stainless steel and Prolevel 10/ in silver and gold anodised aluminium, polished stainless steel and polished brass. All these models are available in blister packs.

The quality and the design of Prolevel profiles is guaranteed by Profilpas expertise that makes this matter a real breeze!

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