Profilpas on “Come Ristrutturare la Casa”, the web magazine about design and refurbishments, with Metal Line skirting boards!

Come Ristrutturare la Casa

Sooner or later, for simple aesthetic taste or for pure necessity, each one of us finds himself having to change something inside the house. The living space is a place that has to be periodically renovated and, in these cases, you should follow the suggestions of the experts of the field. Come Ristrutturare la Casa (literally How To Refurbish The House) is an excellent source of ideas and solutions for anyone who wishes to renovate the house: advice, news and completed projects are available to give a clear and full framework even to the least expert.

Come Ristrutturare la Casa talks about Metal Line skirting boards

Right on Come Ristrutturare la Casa, an article dedicated to Profilpas Metal Line skirting boards has been recently published. Ideal for a modern and elegant house, these skirting boards are easy to install and, therefore, suitable for the DIY. Even functional skirting boards for concealing service cables are available within this wide range. Summarizing: a practical but stylish solution to refurbish the house by taking care of even the smallest detail!

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Come Ristrutturare la Casa - Metal Line 92-7

Metal Line 92/7 in silver anodised aluminium

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