Cinema and Swarovski®, a bright combination full of surprises

The precious collaboration between cinema and Swarovski®

First of all, putting the spotlight on the relationship between cinema and Swarovski® means to quote the name of Sandy Powell, the costume designer who won the Oscar and who collaborated with the famous producer of crystals to bring a touch of sparkly brightness to the movie “Cinderella “, released in March 2015. The unique brightness of crystals has become the stylistic excellence of the iconic Cinderella’s glass slippers, and there’s more. The collaboration with Swarovski® has also allowed the creation of other accessories such as makeup, hairstyle and props. In particular, the touch of light has made Cinderella’s ball gown even more beautiful and Fairy Godmother’s magic wand even more fascinating.

In addition to the case of “Cinderella” in 2015, the winning combination between cinema and Swarovski® has had other famous precedents. Indeed, the collaboration began in 1939 when the sparkling ruby ​​slippers worn by Judi Garland in “The Wizard of Oz” made young and old people dream. In the following years, the purity and refinement of Swarovski® caught the attention of cameras again. Indeed, crystals also appeared in Meryl Streep’s Nirvana ring in “The Devil Wears Prada” and in the evening bag “Power” worn by Mélanie Thierry in “Largo Winch”. And do not forget Kim Cattrall’s “Kiosque” clutch bag in “Sex and the City” or the Glacier ring worn by Halle Berry in “007 – Die Another Day.” These are just few examples of a successful collaboration between Swarovski ® and Hollywood, where glamor is the key word. However, the beauty ensured by Swarovski® also has several uses, some of them closely related to everyday life.

Not only cinema and Swarovski®: Profilpas brings elegance to your house

Profilpas has designed the C-Design profiles for the customers with the most refined tastes. This is a line of high-end profiles and listellos, embellished with crystals from Swarovski ®. The combination of the chromium-plated or gold profile and crystal enhances the brightness of the lines and makes any environment elegant.

So, not only cinema and Swarovski®: if you want that the most important rooms of your home change into real gems, Profilpas profiles are the best solution to make every room really refined, from the kitchen to the bathroom until the living area, and to live the same magic that Swarovski® brought to the big screen inside of your house. Finally, the recent 24K gold plated C-Design profiles are really impressive.

Cinema and Swarovski - 24K gold plated profiles with crystals from Swarovski® C-Design

24K gold plated profiles with crystals from Swarovski® C-Design

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