The evolution of thickness in ceramic flooring

The thickness of ceramic floors is evolving: here’s how

The ceramic flooring market is beginning to move away from the traditional floor thicknesses (8-10-12.5 mm) that have come to represent the industry standard over recent years. Manufacturers of ceramic products have always attempted to copy natural materials, seeking to reproduce marble, terracotta or wood effects in order to create products that are similar to natural materials, but at a fraction of the cost.

Recently, however, the market has begun to shift towards stone effect flooring solutions with a thickness of 2 cm.

In addition to significantly reduced costs when compared to natural stone flooring, this new type of ceramic, which is already being marketed by a large number of companies, features a different kind of application system. In fact, these materials, which are intended for outdoor use only, are laid using both glue and adjustable “self-levelling” feet, which means that floating deck surfaces may be laid at heights varying between 6 and 10 cm with respect to floor level.

The main advantages of these materials are:

  • high shock and load resistance
  • longevity
  • resistance to chemical attacks and atmospheric factors

They are ideal for terraces, swimming pools, patios and outdoor spaces in general.

This elevated type of laying system gives rise to a series of problems regarding closure and facing, since, without a series of lateral and frontal closing elements positioned around the perimeter of the deck, the underlying support network would be exposed.

Perimeter closure and facing profiles

Profilpas has created a new range of products designed to solve this problem: Cerfix Protec CPLV.

Perimeter Profiles - Cerfix Protec CPLV

Cerfix Protec CPLV

→ Discover the range of Profilpas profiles for balconies and terraces! 

Protec CPLV is a range of perimeter profiles designed by Profilpas to close and protect the external perimeters of floating deck floors. They are available in RAL 7038 painted aluminium, and consist of a pre-drilled CPLB base, which is anchored to the flooring spacer support by means of screws, and the facing, which is available in three different sizes, depending on the height of the flooring, and which is a fixed to the base by adhesive.

Perimeter Profiles - CPLV + CPLB

The range also includes 90° corner profiles and joints.
Perimeter Profiles - CPLV

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