Technical Analysis

When choosing a product it is necessary to have precise information on its features, such as the ways it can be used, how to install it and its employment potential.

To meet this need we decided to introduce a new category within our blog dedicated to technical analysis: a section designed specifically for industry insiders such as architects, designers, engineers, builders and all fans.

The technical analysis section outlines the more specific aspects of Profilpas products in greater detail. Its range includes: flooring profiles, sanitary-ware profiles, decorative listellos, skirting boards and accessories for installation.

Accurate technical analysis will thus provide additional useful information about our products, which will add to the product presentations already on the blog.

The technical analysis category will also be added to the other categories already on the Profilpas blog. Among these, we would like to highlight the Creations category where you can find descriptions of some of the most important projects Profilpas has worked on.

Technical Analysis

Raised floors: outdoor solutions

The raised floor is the best solution for the construction or the renovation of terraces, patios and pool sides.