Skirting Boards

In every home, skirting boards are a key element of the decor. That is why choosing the most suitable one is paramount and can truly make a difference.

The ideal skirting board must fit the wall perfectly and follow the room lines: In a word, it must give the whole house an aesthetical edge while remaining completely integrated. There are many solutions that can give a special touch to any home. On most occasions, however, it is key to choose the material that best fits the interior, forms, and walls.

Whether made of steel, metal, wood, PVC, there is always an ideal solution for every house. This solution should make your home even more beautiful, elegant, welcoming and safer. You may decide to place your focus on elegance and refinement and opt accordingly for skirting boards made of high-quality wood or satin stainless steel. There are a thousand types, each with its own characteristics. If, however, your focus is first and foremost on robustness, materials such as PVC can prove to be the ideal solution. In fact, expanded PVC offers a full range of shock-resistant skirting boards and joints. Not to mention that PVC solutions are particularly suitable for DIY laying thanks to its speed and ease of application.

Depending on the model, skirting boards can be installed with the use of appropriate adhesive (type PP / 96) or by means of a simple snap-in system based on harmonic steel clips fixed to the wall with screws and dowels. Naturally, almost all chosen solutions avail of special connection and fitting components, including external angles, internal angles, junctions and terminals, which help create a smooth linear finish.

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Skirting Boards

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