Sanitary-Ware Profiles

What is the house space where profiles take on a special meaning? We are talking about the bathroom where sanitary-ware profiles play an important role.

As regards sanitary-ware profiles, Profilpas has created a full range of products and solutions suitable for every need. Sanitary-ware profiles must be able to guarantee reliability, security, hygiene and durability.

From tiles to ceramics, from sanitary-ware to coverings: In a bathroom, as well as indeed in any other room in the house, everything has to be studied in detail. And not just for purely cosmetic reasons: In bathrooms, it is also crucial that each component runs smoothly and does its job in the best way possible. That’s why even sanitary-ware profiles, a seemingly secondary element, should actually provide a high reliability level. That is of course a given when it comes to the sanitary-ware profiles of the Sanibord line, which includes technical, colour-coated aluminium and PVC profiles, particularly suitable as connectors between ceramic and bathroom walls, or walls and work plans, with safety and hygienic maintenance functions.

Moreover, sanitary-ware profiles allow silicone-free sealing and, further to their aesthetic benefits, ensure a high level of hygiene over time and the optimal efficiency required for this kind of elements.

Flooring ProfilesSanitary-Ware Profiles

Antibacterial profiles, among safety and hygiene

Profilpas has designed different models of profiles and skirting boards with a specific antibacterial coating which reduce the presence of bacteria on the surfaces.
Sanitary-Ware Profiles

Bathroom profiles

Sanibord is the line of bathroom profiles created by Profilpas