Flooring Profiles

To each floor its profile! Profilpas can provide a full range of flooring profiles designed to meet any need and requirement.  Proangle, for example, is a line of flooring profiles specifically designed to finish, seal, protect and decorate the laying of co-planar floors made of ceramic, marble, granite, parquet or other materials. Proangle is also ideal as a separation joint between floors and decorations made of different materials (e.g., between ceramic flooring and parquet or carpet); as a finishing and protecting profile of step edges, footrests and work plans, and finally as perimeter profile for doormat holding.

Prodecor is a line of flooring profiles suitable for finishing and decoration when laying same-height floors made of ceramic, marble, granite, wood or other materials. These first two profile lines belong to the so-called profiles for same-height floors.

Needless to say, there is also a wide range of profiles for different-height floors. For example, Pronivel is a line of terminal profiles made of different materials, whose inclined section allows connecting different-height floors of equal or different nature, eliminating thereby the step resulting from different floor thicknesses. The Prolevel series is particularly recommended for use on pre-laid ceramic or wood floors. In addition, profiles in this series are often used when laying new floors on an existing one (e.g., a wooden floor on an existing ceramic one), eliminating the step caused by the different floor thicknesses.

Flooring Profiles

Antibacterial profiles, among safety and hygiene

Profilpas has designed different models of profiles and skirting boards with a specific antibacterial coating which reduce the presence of bacteria on the surfaces.
Flooring Profiles

Why choosing LVT floors

Advantages for LVT floors: the advantages of a perfect material for refurbishments.